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reviving this ancient art of jewel making.
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Lucky Charm 24 CS

“Bluebird of Happiness” Lucky Charm 2024


Christina Soubli welcomes the new year with a charm inspired by the Bluebird passerine often known as the “bluebird of happiness”. A gracious symbol of joy and harmony, hoping to bring love, positivity and renewal to those who wear it. An elegant pendant made of enameled bronze, signifying peace, good fortune and fresh new beginnings.



“Bluebird of Happiness”

Bluebird of happiness pendant consists of an enameled of 3 shades of blue bronze bird adorned with the designers characteristic fligree technique. Metal weight is 9.5 gr and dimensions are 2X2cm (link included). The chain is steel 70 cm

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

bronze, enamel, steel